Yauk’s Specialty Meats

Full branding exercise for a specialty butcher. This was a self-started project with initial intent to court the subject for a contract for the work.

September 29, 2014

Yauks Specialty Meats

Yauk’s Specialty Meats is a butcher shop in Longmont, Colorado which specializes in prime quality and specialty cuts of meat. They also cater to the hunters in the area and the processing of their harvests. The visual direction that was taken was one chosen to take the focus off of the “product” and shift that focus more onto the decidedly personal service that Yauk’s provides. The colors were chosen as a subtle nod to the tools and sights of the trade as well as giving the brand a strongly personable feel. The logo was created in a manner that was meant to invoke a time since past, the mid-late 50s. With strong visuals derived from the automobiles of the time period that was chosen as an inspiration for the brand effort as a whole.




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