Attraxx Soft Baits

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Full (ongoing) branding effort for a soft baits manufacturer headquartered in Denver Colorado, specializing in scientifically backed formulas and high-quality products.

January 1, 2012

Attraxx Baits logo

Attraxx Soft Baits is a groundbreaking new development in the fishing industry with its truly scientifically backed chemical makeup designed to force a biting fish to more fiercely and aggressively feed on the new soft baits. The overall mood for this brand was that of a very aggressive and strong presence. The logo was developed to not only work as a type-treatment of the company name but as an iconic representation of the end use of the product. The rest of the materials, including the packaging, were kept as that strong and aggressive feel while subtly introducing the scientific nature of the product development through highly stylized cues to chemistry and science.





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