About Me

Graphic Designer, Art Director, Outdoorsman, Archery Fanatic, and (admittedly) Country Boy at Heart

A constant consumer of knowledge and experience and occasional purveyor of wisdom. I eat, sleep, and breath design and quite often find myself waking up after a heated dream about fonts and layouts. I am also an avid outdoorsman and archery fanatic! There is nowhere I would rather be than somewhere in the mountains camping, hiking, snowboarding, or anything active and fun — well maybe the archery range is a little higher on that list but who is keeping track? I spend a great deal of my free-time driving in my truck getting myself intentionally lost just to enjoy the experience and to find new places and inspiration. I am a strong believer in being diverse and knowing a variety of different skills, as such I find myself learning a new skill or technique for something daily. This helps me to be a very good problem solver and I pride myself highly on being able to overcome any problem thrown my way. I am also able to use my experiences to give me a different perspective than that of many of my peers. This often allows me to come to a unique and strong solution to problems. When design is involved (and it usually is) I also find that these experiences help me to “cut-the-fat,” if you will, and find a simple solution that fits the mood and needs of the project perfectly.